lunes, 24 de octubre de 2011


To form the LTR ( loop tatted ring) you only need one shuttle.
Begin with a  normal ring as usual. When you reach the point where the floating ring is needed, you have to enlarge the ring . As you see in the first pic, you have to form three loops, named here as loop 1 (lazo 1) loop 2 (lazo 2) loop 3 (lazo 3). We will use loop 3 as an auxiliar shuttle to make the ds over loop 2

Tat the necesary ds making finger tatting, using loop 3..
 When you have finished the required amount of ds, begin closing it.
First you have to pull loop 3, cheking which side of it really close loop 3,,,

Once you have closed it, just past your shuttle through loop 3. This will anchor the ring.
Second pull loop 1, in order you close loop 3..

here you can see , as we pull loop 1, we enlarge it, and  we shrink loop 3..

loop tatted ring finished!!.. go on tatting the normal ring ....

and here a a cute practice .. Netty the Newt: a pattern from Anne Bruvold.. just get fun!!

y aca tienen un patron muy lindo  para practicar .. Netty el triton, un patron de Anne Bruvold.. a divertirse!!

The credit for the development of this technique corresponds to Bina Madden (Sabina Carden-Madden)  and the  link to her website is She has  created this technique in 2007 and you can contact her if you need more help with it.

El credito por el desarrollo de esta tecnica corresponde a Bina Madden, y el link a su pagina es Ella creo esta tecnica en el año 2007 y pueden contactarla si necesitan mas ayuda con esta tecnica.